Lawyers for Fintech | Legal for Fintech

The office Silva | Lopes Advogadoshas a specialized team of lawyers for fintechs. The Silva | Lopes Advogados has an extensive portfolio in this sector.

  • Credit Fintechs;
    • Direct Credit Society;
    • Loan Society Between People;
    • Banking Correspondent;
  • Investment Fintechs;
    • Online Brokers;
    • Investment Fund Managers and Administrators;
    • Autonomous Investment Agents;
  • Fintechs of Means of Payment;
    • Payment Institution;
    • Payment Arrangement;
  • Digital Bank;
  • Open Banking;
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

The experience of the office in this market niche was consolidated by attending several startups, becoming the main reference in Rio Grande do Sul and one of the most recognized in the entire country. Silva | Lopes Advogados is also the official consultant of the Associção Gaúcha de Startups (AGS) and of Tecnopuc (elected the best technology park in Brazil).

To meet the legal demands of a fintech, the Fintech Plan of Silva | Lopes Advogados offers business advice and consultancy to work on extrajudicial and regulatory needs in the areas of Banking, Financial System, Capital Markets, Commercial, Business Contract (National and International), Corporate ((Business Corporation and Limited Company), as well as Intellectual Property.


What is SCD and SEP?

Among the services provided by fintechs, there is peer to peer (P2P), which consists of the loan between people intermediated through an electronic platform in the form of marketplace – provided by a third party who does not necessarily participate in the negotiation. The service has attracted more attention today because it is an innovative and scalable business model …. SEE MORE

What do you need to know to open a fintech in Brazil?

Fintech means companies that use technologies to provide financial, payment or investment services. Though Brazil has the largest fintech hub in Latin America and has its financial market growing every year, its financial sector is known to be highly regulated, which could cause foreign investors to avoid this kind of business… SEE MORE