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If you are looking for Scale up lawyers, the Silva | Lopes Lawyers has a specialist team in legal advice for startups, in all stages and different sectors. With lawyers specialized in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Tax Law, Silva | Lopes has experience in technology and innovation.

The experience of the office in this market niche was consolidated by attending to several startups, becoming the main reference in Rio Grande do Sul and one of the most recognized in the entire country. Silva | Lopes Lawyers is also the official consultant of the Associação Gaúcha de Startups and of Tecnopuc (elected the best technology park in Brazil).


How can my startup become a Scale up?

Technology and innovation have been growing exponentially in recent years. The startups market takes the opportunity to surf this great wave, and new companies are born daily. However, even with a large volume of startups, the number of those who manage to scale their business and achieve the long-awaited sustainability is still modest, that is, to become a Scale upSEE MORE

Want to know how to attract investors with a pitch perfect?

You may have seen entrepreneurs on a television show presenting their business ideas, thinking about how to attract investors with a planned speech to try to sell your fish. This presentation in the business world is called pitch. It is nothing more than a quick and brief exposure of what concerns the company or business idea.

A pitch can happen anywhere and anytime, for example, in an elevator, a bar table or coffee break of a lecture … SEE MORE

What is an operation of M&A?

It is not uncommon to hear about and find on news portals information that a large company has carried out an M&A operation, or a “merger” operation with another company. However, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to be very careful with this type of news, given that the fusion institute may often not have happened … SEE MORE