Legal support for Startup | Lawyers for Startup

Specialized in innovation and technology, Silva | Lopes Advogados has a team of lawyers ready to work with startups, with wide experience and efficiency. The office is a reference in the startup and entrepreneurship sector in Brazil. It offers extrajudicial legal advice and seeks to help you whether you are starting your project or if it is already consolidated.

The experience of the office in this market niche was obtained through the attendance of several startup partners. Besides this, it is the official consultant of the Associação Gaúcha de Startups (AGS) and of Tecnopuc (elected the best technology park in Brazil). The Silva Lopes team works with the most diverse sectors and stages, such as:

The Office also offers its services to companies that develop softwares, e-commerce, accelerators and venture builders.

The great differential of the office, besides having a great technical staff specialized in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Tax Law, is the know-how about the technology environment, not requiring the client or partner to spend time explaining the technological details, and focusing on the legal demands.

That is, backend, frontend, API, blockchain, marketplace, B2B, B2C, O2O, etc … are terms of our daily routine.

We do not simply serve the technology market, we also develop technology within the office. Proof of this is our management system demands and also our artificial intelligence, the Toddy, both developed internally by the office.

The importance of implementing legal advice for startups is about providing guidance on daily startup’s business activity issues, including:

  • review and elaboration of terms of service;
  • review and elaboration of contracts and business disagreement;
  • (re) corporate structuring;
  • legal analysis of business operations;
  • investment inflow;
  • “disinvestment” operation;
  • privacy policies;
  • trademark registration and protection;
  • technical report;
  • legislative clarifications;
  • jurisprudence consultation;
  • notifications elaboration; and
  • legal aid in complex negotiations.

The conjunction of specialized legal knowledge and technological know-how provides a solid partnership between our office and partners.


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