Lawyers for startups in São Paulo

Expert advice on startups and scale-ups in São Paulo

São Paulo is the main technology and innovation hub in Brazil. In the capital of São Paulo are the main technology and innovation companies. To serve this ecosystem, Silva | Lopes Advogados has a team of lawyers for startups in São Paulo.

The firm’s experience in this niche market was obtained through the assistance of several startups. Silva | Lopes team operates in the most diverse sectors and stages, such as:

In addition to offering its services to software developer companies, e-commerces, accelerators, funds investments and venture builders.

The great advantage of the firm, in addition to having a technical staff specialized in Business Law, Intellectual Property and Tax Law, is the understanding that the firm’s lawyers have of technology, without the client or partner having to take more time to explain the technology they have than your legal needs.

That is, backend, frontend, API, blockchain, marketplace, B2B, B2C, O2O, etc … are terms of our daily lives.

We do not simply serve the technology market, we also develop technology within the office. Proof of this is our management system demands and client and also our artificial intelligence, the Toddy, both developed internally by the office.

The importance of implementing legal advice for startups lends itself to providing guidance on everyday issues in a startup’s business activity, including:

  • review and elaboration of terms of use;
  • review and preparation of business contracts and cancellations;
  • (re) corporate structures;
  • legal analysis of business operations;
  • investment entry;
  • “divestment” operation;
  • privacy policies;
  • trademark registration and protection;
  • technical opinions;
  • legislative clarifications;
  • jurisprudence consultations;
  • preparation of notifications; and
  • legal assistance in complex negotiations.

The combination of specialized legal knowledge and technological knowledge, provides a solid partnership between the firm and its partners.


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